Adobe AIR Stable / Beta

Adobe AIR Stable / Beta

Adobe Air 32 is an application creating and generating software. it can create apps for both computers and mobile systems. Adobe Inc. has built it simple to navigate with a nice looking interface. User can create different forms of applications that are compatible with Windows, iOS, blackberry, android, tablet OS and many more.

The application created is always rich in internet connectivity to a wide range of devices since it combines the JavaScript, HTML, Adobe Flash and Flex technologies, and the ActionScript. Building 3D games is possible with the use of GPU rendering which lets you use the OpenGL and DirectX allows the programmer to use native extensions in the form of plug-ins which can be in any language for better creation of applications.

Adobe Air is compatible with Mac OS and Windows Operating System. It’s available for download but you have to purchase to gain full access to all the features.

Software details Stable / Beta
mac / Windows 10 / Windows 7 / Windows 8
Adobe AIR Stable / Beta
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