Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft Edge Dev

Microsoft Edge is a web browser first released in 2015. It is based on the EdgeHTML and Chakra engines, but Microsoft set out to transition the browser to the Chromium’s Blink engine by the Q3, 2019. Currently, the browser is available on Windows 10, Xbox One, and the major mobile operating systems.

Microsoft tries to integrate Edge with the rest of their operating system. Windows defender protects you from malicious sites when you browse the web. And the virtual assistant Cortana is embedded into the browser. Edge could also be considered a full-featured eBook reader. You can read, bookmark, and annotate your local EPUBs and PDFs in the browser.

Edge natively integrates some features that in other browsers available only with extensions. This includes the ability to set aside browsing sessions (snooze tabs), clean reading mode, reading list, and the ability to take notes on the web pages you visit. On the bad side, the browser doesn’t have a lot of extensions available for it. Privacy might be another problem for Microsoft Edge users. A lot of the browser’s features require users’ data, and Microsoft is notorious for spying on its users.

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Microsoft Edge Dev
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