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Adobe Creative Cloud
Adobe Creative Cloud provides you access to a myriad of desktop apps offered by Adobe Systems. It’s a free tool that you can easily install on your PC. These Adobe apps are suitable for photographers, graphic designers and web designers or developers. For low monthly costs, you can get a subscription of apps with ease. This user-friendly application makes it easier for you to manage your Adobe apps. All you need to do is to log in with your credentials and you’ll get access to subscribed apps on any system you use. Adobe Systems launched this software in 2011.
Update : 06-18-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 4720

Corel DRAW Graphics Suite 2019
Corel Draw Graphics Suite provides you all the tools and opportunity to unleash your creativity. If you’re a graphic designer, let CorelDraw Graphics Suite helps you to address all your creative tasks and daily projects such as the creation of new and stunning designs using intuitive vector illustration and page layout tools; retouching and enhancement of your photographs with the photo editing program; bitmap file conversion and much more.
Update : 06-18-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 5960

Adobe InCopy CC Build
Adobe InCopy is a software with some basic functions similar to those of MS Work only more professional. It enables more than one designer or user to access and edit a project retaining the format. It works best as an extension to Adobe InDesign. Unlike other software, it's much easier with the software to process word and collaborate with other users. Your editing work is made easier through tools such as spell checking, word count and more. You can get access to the adobe exchange software for templates and plug-ins. You are in control of the color using the color swatch folder. Adobe InCopy makes it possible to import files without damaging or interfering with the content or its format. This software gives you cloud storage depending on which package you choose. You can get the software and choose a suitable package to purchase. You have the option of getting a free trial before making a purchase.
Update : 05-26-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : mac | Language : English | Downloads : 5665

Adobe Character Animator CC 2.1
Adobe Character Animator is a software by Adobe Inc. that captures a character's image and animate it in real time. The animated character copies everything you do including simple movements such as smiling and nodding your head. The software has several great tools and features that make all this possible. The software can capture your emotions and replicate them to your animation character. If you face expresses sadness or happiness the character will look sad or happy respectively. You can even import arts from other software such as Adobe Illustrator or Adobe Photoshop and turn them into characters. The software allows you to animate even other parts of the body such as arms and legs movement. You only need to save a certain movement such as waving on a keyboard’s buttons and use them at will. The software is available for Windows OS and Mac OS in purchase for full features access. You can get the most suitable package that suits you best.
Update : 05-25-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 696

Adobe Camera Raw 11.3

Adobe Camera Raw 11.3

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Adobe Camera Raw is a software by Adobe that imports and processes 'raw' images in an easy and faster way. It’s capable of opening raw images without necessarily using Adobe Photoshop logarithms among other images formats such as JPEG, PNG and many more. The software enables the original raw file to remain undamaged when making any editing work. The software is installed in the form of the plug-in to other adobes’ software such as Photoshop, After Effects, Photoshop Elements, and Bridge. It can support a wide range of cameras such as Epson, Apple, Kodak, Nokia, Olympus, Nikon, Samsung and many more. It is made with the same technology as the Adobe Photoshop logarithm in processing raw data; it just makes it more powerful. In case you have purchased Photoshop CS6 before, you don’t have to buy this software. If you have not purchased before, you can buy the Adobe Camera Raw with the option of a free trial. It's compatible with Windows Operating System and Mac OS.
Update : 05-25-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 6104

Adobe Photoshop Lightroom CC Classic
There is a very small chance you haven't heard of Adobe Photoshop Lightroom software before as it is the most popular and most widely used photo-editing software on the market. It is a go-to tool for the majority of professionals photographers from all across the globe, which they use to make those final and unique touches to create outstanding photos. We can not talk about this software without touching its perhaps slightly unfortunate and often confusing name since Adobe also owns a software called Adobe Photoshop. As such Adobe Photoshop Lightroom is often referred to only as Lightroom. One of the greatest features of this powerful software is its ability to edit a great number of photos at the same time. It also allows users to copy setting/adjustment made on one photo to another one. Furthermore, it is not only an editing tool but at the same time a very neat photo library, to which you can link all your photos and add unique labels and more.
Update : 05-22-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 1010

Adobe After Effects CC
Adobe after effects 2019 is a software that creates motion graphics and digital visual effects in a film. It is perfect for massive film making for TV production due to the quality and plug-ins editing tools. The software features 3D effects on videos and also able to make videos look like animated cartoons. In fact, you can even stimulate smoke, fire, and water and at the same time animate graphs and chats. If you have been stuck or unable to do something with any of the tools, there are hundreds of tutorials you can learn from. Adobe After Effects gives you access to fonts from the Adobe fonts, 2GB cloud storage to store your work, and free mobile apps. With a number of packaged plans available for purchase such as monthly and yearly, you don’t have to pay for times that you don’t have to use it. You have the privileges to enjoy 7days free trial from the day of installation.
Update : 05-22-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 47425

Adobe Animate CC 2019 Build
The Adobe Animate is a software by Adobe that creates high-quality animations and vector graphics through a computer. It goes way back to 1996 when it was launched under different names. Over the years the software has been able to perfect what it does best, creating animations. The software has a number of features that makes it great. Just like in the real video user is able to create a character and make them do some basic things such as moving around, talking, blinking, and so many other moments. Adobe Animate allow you to add sound to the animations as well as designing every single thing according to your imagination. On top of it all, the software allows you to publish your work on various platforms. The animations and vector graphics can be used for a television commercial, video games, online videos and more. The software is available for download but full access to all the features is available in the purchase.
Update : 05-17-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 10264

Ashampoo Photo Commander 16.0.6
Ashampoo Photo Commander is an image viewing and editing application that will let you view images and enable you to make adjustments to them. This Windows utility illustrates some important features like browse, organize and manage the photo collection, edit photos to achieve excellent outputs, auto adjustment option, convert the photos to various image formats and many more.
Update : 05-17-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 785

IrfanView 4.53
IrfanView is a dynamic Windows graphic viewer with all the facilities that a user need in such a software. The software is capable to manage over 70 different types of graphic formats such as animated cursor, art weaver format, body paint 3d format, Windows bitmap, Canon RAW format, CAD formats, PostScript formats, JPG, TIFF and many more. The utility also helps to play several audio and video formats like AIF, WAV, MP4 and MP3.
Update : 05-18-2019 | Category : Graphics and Design
System : Windows | Language : English | Downloads : 6751